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The Mixes


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mixes From Sky Blue Connection

Doc Scott & Dobbo @ Amnesia, Sky Blue Connection - August 1990

Doc Scott & Dobbo @ Amnesia House, Sky Blue Conexxion, 23 Aug '90
  1. Awsome 3 'Hard Up'
  2. Critical Rhythm 'Fall into a Trance'
  3. MC Showbiz & the Lap 1 Crew 'Gotta Turn the Music Up'
  4. Lee Marrow 'Moving'
  5. Petra & Co 'Just Let Go' (Dub Mix)
  6. Mystic Knights 'The Wrath Of Khan'
  7. Bang the Party 'Bang Bang Your Mine'
  8. Fantasy UFO 'Fantasy'
  9. Robin Wants Revenge 'Robin Wants Revenge'
  10. Psyche 'Crackdown'
  11. Model 500 'Wanderer'
  12. Hardnoise 'Untitled' (Instrumental)
  13. Orr-Some 'We Can make It'
  14. Cold Sensation 'Liquid Empire'
  15. Xpansions 'Elevation (Move Your Body)'
  16. ??? - familiar ..someone will know this ..a Frankie Bones track I think
  17. Steve Poindexter 'Born To Freak' \ Space Opera 'Space 3001' ..breifly
  18. Nightmares on Wax 'Dextrous'
  19. L.F.O 'L.F.O.'
  20. Paradox 'Jailbreak'
  21. Cybersonik (Ritchie Hawtin) 'Technarcy'
  22. Space Opera 'Space 3001' ..Breifly
  23. Rhythm is Rhythm 'Drama'
  24. Fallout 'The Morning After'
  25. MIC 'OOBE 1'
  26. Nicole 'Rock The House'
  27. ??? - "energy"
Dobbo Set:
  1. Synthesis 'Hear this Side'
  2. Cartouche 'Feel the Groove'
  3. Locomovida 'Pressure Zone'
  4. Cee Jay 'Get Busy Time'
  5. The Scientist 'The Exorcist'
  6. Orbital 'Omen'
Andy C @ Amnesia, Sky Blue Connection,UK - August 1990
Andy Carroll @ Amnesia House, Sky Blue Conexxion, 23 Aug '90
  1. Sleepwalker 'I Got Ya'
  2. ???
  3. Renegade Soundwave 'Deadly'
  4. The Scientist 'The Exorcist'
  5. The Chosen 'Visions of Rhythm'
  6. The Shamen 'Make it Mine' (Lenny D Mix)
  7. Musto & Bones 'Dangerous on the Dancefloor'
  8. Manic MC's 'The Beat'
  9. Black Box 'Everybody Everybody' (Inst.)
  10. True Faith with Final Cut 'Take Me Away'
  11. MFSB 'Love is the Message'
  12. ??? - "love is the message" vocal may be from above, poss TT
  13. Serious Intention 'You Don't Know'
  14. "Space" White Label 'Purple Haze'
  15. Akasa 'One Night in My Life'
  16. MD Connection 'Magic Feet' \ Charvoni 'Always There' (Acapella)
  17. Eon 'Inner Mind' \ Wanda Dee 'To The Bone' (Acapella)
  18. Ryuichi Sakamoto 'Riot In Lagos'
Part 1 - http://www.divshare.com/download/5176843-1d1
Part 2 - http://www.divshare.com/download/5176844-eb0
Carl Cox, Derrick May & Grooverider @ Amnesia, Sky Blue Connection, UK - 1990
Grooverider @ Amnesia, Sky Blue Connection, UK - August 1990
Grooverider @ Amnesia House, Sky Blue Conexxion, 23 Aug '90
  1. Yello 'Unbelievable' (Morales Dub)
  2. MIC 'OOBE 1'
  3. Nightmares on Wax 'I'm for Real' (Remix)
  4. Turntable Hype 'Turntable Hype'
  5. House Syndicate 'Jam the Mace'
  6. Original Clique 'Come to Papa'
  7. Landlord 'I Like It' (Blow Out Dub)
  8. New Rhythm 'Time Travel'
  9. Neon 'Don't Mess With This Beat'
  10. Aztech 'Sound Of Light'
  11. Frank De Wulf B-Sides (The B-Sides Remixed) 'Magic Orchestra' (Remix)
  12. Ann Marie 'Just Waiting (For You)' (Master Dub)
  13. Jolly Roger 'Ulysses' (The Groove)
  14. The Brothers Grimm 'Deja Vu' (Original Mix)
  15. L.F.O. 'L.F.O.'
  16. 78th Street Project 'Mechanical Madness'
  17. Fallout 'The Morning After'
  18. Juno 'Soul Thunder'
  19. Kenny Dope 'Petey Wheatstraw'
  20. N Joi 'Techno Gangsters'
  21. Mayday 'Wiggin'
  22. Fabio & Grooverider ft Excel D 'Rage'

Thanks to Westworld for these sets ;)

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