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Renegade Radio
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DJ - K

DJ - K
I'd like to say a BIG thank you to DJ - K who has kindly allowed me to add his mixes to my blog. You can visit DJ - K at Myspace by clicking on the banner.

Strictly Oldskool Private Blog (Invite Only)

Strictly Oldskool Private Blog (Invite Only)
This is my private blog mainly concentrating on oldskool hardcore and d'n'b tunes but with a few techno, house and garage tunes too. Click on the banner for access if you have an invite - Msprim.


There's oldskool and upfront electronic music on this site - Check it out!! Click the banner to access the site!!

Ironman's Tapepack Sickness Blog.

Ironman's Tapepack Sickness Blog.
This blog is full of tape packs from various events - mainly d'n'b full tape packs for free download. Check it out. Click on the banner for access.

It's All About Oldskool

It's All About Oldskool
This is a NEW oldskool site with a very friendly forum. It's free to register - so what are you waiting for - Click the banner for access!!

It's All About Flyers Website

It's All About Flyers Website
Check this new site out. It's a info resource site dedicated to oldskool flyers. It's free to join, so what are you waiting for. Click the banner for access. Good luck Wigs :)


The Mixes


Sunday, June 22, 2008


1- 2 Boasters -Lsd
2- Krome & Time - This is the sound of the underground
3- Hackney Hardcore-Caught with a spliff
4- Doc Scott - NHS (Midday mix)
5- Ellis dee - Rock to the max
6- Hyper on experience - Time stretch
7- The Messiah - Temple of dreams (Manix mix)
8- Manix - Never been to Belgium (Rush mix)
9- Q Bass - Dancing people (E Type mix)
10 - Q Bass - Hardcore will never die (E Type mix)
11- Chromatic -U got me
12- DJ Seduction - Higher now
13- SL2 - Drumbeats
14- Mickey Finn - Bass shake
15- Nebula 2 -Atheama (Original mix)


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